Economic Policy Network

Economic Policy Network (EPNet) is a global network of pioneer economists and public policy scholars, practitionners and experts who are willing to contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development. Based on the collective intelligence principle, EPNet produces frequent advisory repotrs and consultancy missions with innovative economic policies for Vietnamese decision makers. EPNet’ members continuosly build the network’s capacity through two annual symposiums in International Business and in Leadership and Public Policy gathering international scholars and practitionenrs in the fields. A serie of skills development workshops is also organized to allow EPNet’s members to grow together with the network.

Network Director
Tran Phuong Tra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Strategic Management, IPAG Business School, France

Phuong Tra Tran is Associate Professor of Strategy and Management and Director of the MBA program at IPAG Business School. She holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the Sorbonne Business School, as well as a Master in Applied Organizations from HEC. She has managed various international projects on anti-corruption, international business, development strategy of local governments, public procurement, public-private partnerships with international organizations (International Organization of the Francophonie, OECD, Erasmus + ) and national organizations (CNRS, French Energy Council, City of Paris). She also carries out frequent consulting missions for governmental and provincial institutions in Vietnam as Director of the Economic Policy Network of AVSE Global. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Industrial Organization and the Journal of Industrial Economics.

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EPNet Director