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AVSE Global organizes several conferences and forums in Vietnam every year to provide international exchange platforms for global leaders and stakeholders (policymakers, academics, businesses, entrepreneurs, and NGOs) to present and discuss worldwide initiatives, practices and visionary trends on several domains.

International Conference on Geotechnics, Civil Engineering and Structures (CIGOS)
Chaired by Minh Cuong Ha, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Paris-Saclay University, France

Since the first conference in 2010, the International Conference series on Geotechnics, Civil Engineering and Structures (CIGOS) has firmly established its international reputation as an important forum to attract a broad range of academics, researchers, designers and manufacturers as well as policymarkers, in order to promote professional and high-quality exchange of research knowledge and ideas.

The editions of CIGOS - biannually organized to focusing on the emerging topics in the field of civil engineering - received hundreds papers from tens countries worldwide. All papers of the proceedings indexed in Scopus) are selected via a strict peer-reviewed procedure by relevant experts in the international scientific committee.

Web: https://cigos2021.sciencesconf.org

Vietnam Symposium in Banking and Finance (VSBF)
Chaired by Hung Do, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Finance and Banking, Massey University, New Zealand

The Vietnam Symposium in Banking and Finance (VSBF) has been jointly organized by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), the International Society for the Advancement of Financial Economics (ISAFE) and a local university since 2016. The VSBF has established its international standing, which attracts prolific international and national participants.

The VSBF brings together academics, practitioners and policymakers, sharing their research findings and discussing current and challenging issues in banking and finance. The Symposium is also an ideal occasion for Vietnamese scholars to exchange research experiences and develop research projects with their international colleagues.

Web: https://vsbf2021.sciencesconf.org

Vietnam Sustainability Forum (VSF)
Chaired by Anh Minh Tang, Ph.D.
Professor, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France

VSF aims at providing an international exchange platform for global leaders and stakeholders (policymakers, academics, businesses, entrepreneurs, and NGOs) to present and discuss worldwide initiatives, practices and visionary trends about sustainability. The ultimate goal is to achieve the long-lasting development of an inclusive and equitable society whereby prosperous growth goes together with sustainable environment.

Vietnam Symposium on Advances in Ofshore Engineering (VSOE)
Chaired by Hong Doan, Ph.D.
Deputy Discipline Manager at Subsea 7, France

VSOE aims to enhance the sustainable use of our marine resources while ensuring the health of the ecosystem as well as the effective management of marine activities including energy production and infrastructures.

The events provide a platform for all participants to exchange knowledge and experience gained recently in offshore engineering, technology innovations, and marine spatial plan to achieve the goal of economic, reliable and sustainable solutions for offshore energy development, and ecosystem-based management of the marine environment.

Web: https://vsoe2021.sciencesconf.org

Vietnam Symposium in International Business (VSIB)
Chaired by Tuan Anh Luong, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, United Kingdom

The VSIB conference is broadly intended to provide a platform for academics, practitioners, researchers and policymakers from various fields to exchange knowledge and evolutions of disciplines related to international trade policy, the impacts of globalisation, the experience of countries at different level of development and the interaction of different countries, different institutions in the global context. Participants will also have an excellent opportunity for presenting new researches, exchanging information and discussing current issues of international economics, business and finance.

Web: https://vsib2021.sciencesconf.org

Vietnam Education Symposium (VES)
Chaired by Thuy Phuong Nguyen, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, University of Paris Descartes, France

VES is the annual scientific conference organized by Education Network (EduNet) as part of the knowledge transfer activity. Pre-school education, general and higher education have been and will be addressed by VES. VES is a place for discussions and dialogues between policy makers, managers, researchers, teachers, and the communities. VES aims to provide an international comparative perspective of education and training in Vietnam and to impact on the formulation or renewal of education and training policies for Vietnam.

Web: https://ves.sciencesconf.org/

Vietnam Symposium on Leadership and Public Policy (VSLP)
Chaired by Phuong Tra Tran
Associate Professor of Strategic Management, IPAG Business School, France

The Vietnam Symposium in Leadership and Public Policy, organized by the Economic Policy Network (EPNet) - AVSE Global, aims at promoting an international comparative perspective of leadership and public management. It provides a unique platform for academics, practitioners, researchers and policymakers to exchange knowledge and expertise within public management, leadership, and policy innovation. Participants will find the event an excellent opportunity for presenting new researches, exchanging research ideas and discussing current trends and developments of the field.

Web: https://vslp2020.sciencesconf.org/

Vietnam Innovation Links (VILinks)
Chaired by Thanh Huong Dinh
Head of Liquidity Reporting, IRB, BNPParibas

Vietnam Innovation Links (VILinks) are annual events organized by AVSE Global to foster cooperation at the crossroads of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The successful and influential Vietnamese people will be connected to promote and create a breakthrough for innovation in Vietnam after Covid-19.

VILinks is designed with a focus on practical solutions to promote entrepreneurship and technology creation, in order to create a national influence, with a clear vision of activities. As a start, the mission of VILinks 2021 is to initiate a comprehensive innovation ecosystem in Vietnam, at the same timeVILinks 2021 promotes the implementation of innovative projects with high applicability ""Make in Vietnam"" through a contest #Hack4Growth.


University of Transport Technology


Co-organiser of the conferences CIGOS 2019 & 2021


National University of Civil Engineering


Co-organiser of the conferences VSOE 2018 and CIGOS 2021


Banking Academy


Co-organiser of the conference VSBF 2019


Academy of Policy and Development


Co-organiser of the forums VSF 2018 & 2019


Banking University Ho Chi Minh City


Co-organiser of the conference VSIB 2021


Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics