Our Vision

During the last decade, the world has been moving with structural changes, with traditional paradigms being questioned. This move is marked by the emergence of different initiatives around the world, including:

  • the communication decentralization and development through digital social networks, individual learning owing to to online tools, local peer support, and disintermediary tendency in economy with digital platforms;
  • the grass root innovation with a strong potential from a new generation of Makers (Do-It-Yourself) changing different aspects of our life;
  • the industrial advancement, particularly digital technologies and data science, with considerable impact on major players at all levels and behavioral models (individuals, corporations, and public institutions).

We believe that Vietnam faces both opportunities & inherent threads in this complex global picture. With a young and technology-friendly population, the country has an enormous potential in a fast-changing digital and knowledge economy. Herited natural conditions make Vietnam one of the best destinations for agriculture, aquaculture, ICT and their respective innovations. Realizing these opportunities requires important efforts to innovate, whether it is in financial system to mobilize, invest and efficiently use available and potential resources or in infrastructures to accompany and foster social and economic development. Above all, the quality of human resource is essential and critical for a sustainable development in a highly and internationally competitive environment.

We, Vietnam-lovers and collaborators in France and around the world, believe deeply that sharing knowledge and collaborating with each other is the most effective way to lead and succeed any challenge.

Our path necessarily encompasses three key points:

  • Establishment of strategic partners to share knowledge and to act together;
  • Focus on highly-impacted activities for a sustainably better Vietnam;
  • Federation of diverse communities through sharing platforms to identify and grow the next generation.

We BELIEVE and SHARE the following commitments:

  1. DOCUMENT correctly and authentically up-to-date technical, social, economic or environmental subjects through expert reports and database. We encourage people and organizations to communicate and discuss their challenges for collaboration purpose and efficient problem solving.
  2. UNDERSTAND the roots of ongoing critical issues for social change and development in order to lay out the fundamental guidance for future evolution. We initiate conversation and share our knowledge, through conferences and education programs in order to help them (re)discover their capacities and take informed decisions and sound actions.
  3. PROPOSE applicable solutions to partners & VALUE their efficiency by helping them integrate their constraints and the long-term vision. We support people sharing our same cause to carry out their initiatives with Vietnam community to mutually reach the ultimate goal: making Vietnam’s potential a truly reality towards a better society for the future generations.