About us

The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global) was founded in May 2011 with the main purpose of connecting intellectual sources in a systematical way to identify ideas, strategies, and implementation in all fields of science and techniques in foreign countries and at the same time orient to make contribution to the development of Vietnam.

  • To be the premier and preferred: Linkage of strategic partners to share knowledge and to act together.
  • Federation of diverse communities through sharing platforms to identify and grow the next generation.
  • Bridge for scientists and experts together focus on highly-impacted activities for a sustainably better Vietnam.

  • DOCUMENT correctly and authentically up-to-date technical, social, economic or environmental subjects through expert reports and database. We encourage people and organizations to communicate and discuss their challenges for collaboration purpose and efficient problem solving.
  • UNDERSTAND the roots of ongoing critical issues for social change and development in order to lay out the fundamental guidance for future evolution. We initiate conversation and share our knowledge, through conferences and education programs in order to help them (re)discover their capacities and take informed decisions and sound actions.
  • PROPOSE applicable solutions to partners & VALUE their efficiency by helping them integrate their constraints and the long-term vision. We support people sharing our same cause to carry out their initiatives with Vietnam community to mutually reach the ultimate goal: making Vietnam’s potential a truly reality towards a better society for the future generations.

  • Develop a network and database of Vietnamese scientists and experts, clarify their expertise so that AVSE’s partners can connect and cooperate in case necessary.
  • Connect individuals, groups or organizations of Vietnamese scientist and experts all over the world to share and exchange knowledge and experiences.
  • Organize scientific activities, conferences, workshops, trainings, exchanging activities, vocational activities and job seeking activities.
  • Play the role as a bridge linking Vietnamese scientists and experts with the world, cooperating and exchanging with international friends.
  • Gathering and strengthening individuals’ strength to make contribution to the development of Vietnamese science, technique, economics and society.

  • Collective Commitment: working for the community and for mutual support and development.
  • Responsibility Spirit: responsible for improving professional skills of the members and quality of the working results with other professional organizations.
  • One Global Network: development of a global network to enhance the effects of communication and networking and eventually quality of the working results.