Vietnam Symposium on Leadership and Public Policy 2019: A Summary

November 16,2019

VLSP 2019 is the next version in the series of annual symposium about leadership and public policy by AVSE Global to promote cooperation and share research initiatives, experiences and management practices. Vietnamese and international experts, scientists, policymakers. After the successful 1st Forum held in Hanoi, the VSLP 2019 event was co-organized with the Region II National Political Academy in Ho Chi Minh City on October 28, 29, 2019. This is an opportunity for participants to present new research and discuss urgent issues in Vietnam in the field of governance and public policy. This year, the event welcomed Professor Naoyuki Yoshino – Director of the Asian Development Bank Research Institute (ADBI) of Japan and Professor Richard Callahan, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Leadership. The UK is also a professor of public health policy, University of San Francisco, USA. Following the October 28 program on international scientific conferences, the Policy Exchange Forum took place on the morning of October 29 with two sessions 1) Superior and effective public policy and 2) Leadership style Innovation and sustainability are the hallmarks of AVSE Global’s seminar forums, with the desire to bring exciting exchanges about leadership practices and the development of public policy that are not only scientific but also practicality in the period of rapid economic transformation, as well as the contributions of the state, organizations, people and businesses in the process of policy reform to suit the current economic transformation.
VSLP 2019 has received 123 presentations, and selected by the scientific council 72 articles with high quality. The final program is made up of 45 excellent research papers from scientists from 15 countries, divided into 12 topics about Human Capital, Leadership in a New Era and Major. Public books with age challenges.