Cao Bang: Integration, Connectivity and Orientation towards Cross-border Economy Standard Model

December 02,2018


On November 25th, 2018, in the framework of Cao Bang Trade and Tourism Investment Conference, the president of AVSE Global, Dr. Nguyen Duc Khuong presented a model of economic development of the province, with the focus on the cross-border economy.


Cao Bang is one of seven mountainous provinces in the north having a common border with China. Up to the present, Cao Bang is still among the provinces with a medium level of development. According to VCCI, the number of enterprises in Cao Bang per capita is low, only about half of the national average (33 enterprises per 1,000 people, compared to 72 enterprises per 1,000 people nationwide). Cao Bang faces many difficulties, but has its own potentials.


In the August 2018 field trip, the group of experts from AVSE led by Dr. Nguyen Duc Khuong proposed a model of border trade development to Cao Bang province, based on the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the socio-economic situation of the province. The model focuses on developing tourism and economic relations with China on the basis of building a path to develop a sustainable cross-border economy.


Accordingly, AVSE Global proposed a mid-term (2025) and a long-term (2045) vision, Cao Bang should develop as a city of experiences, develop smart agriculture and the thematic tourism sector as well as develop a trade-related business with social responsibility (i.e., producing clean products). The foundation of the development is based on the building of high-quality human resources, focusing on human resources in smart agriculture, hospitality, restaurants, and management.

In order to develop the cross-border economy, AVSE Global offers a number of cross-border cooperation experiences, with cases cities in the US with Mexico, France, and Belgium. AVSE Global believes that Cao Bang has the advantage of being close to the raw materials market (Western provinces, South West, and South East China), importing and developing into a production center for exporting or serving domestic demands. Based on this advantage, Cao Bang can also develop into a logistics center of the region.

The recommendations of AVSE Global are in line with the Prime Minister’s direction on the three objectives that Cao Bang needs to focus on to develop. They are travel services, agriculture, hi-tech processing, and cross-border economy. The first good news for the development of Cao Bang was that the Government decided to adopt the policy of investing in the Tra Linh – Dong Dang expressway to remove the “knot” of transport for the province, creating a breakthrough for Cao Bang to develop.