Meeting with Mr. Xuan Phuc NGUYEN, Prime Minister of Vietnam

February 26,2017

The Prime Minister Mr. Xuan Phuc NGUYEN encourages AVSE to have more projects in Vietnam, to expand the network, and to inspire the activities of other Vietnamese associations abroad. On 19th August 2016, the Prime Minister warmly welcomes Mr. Duc Khuong NGUYEN – President of AVSE- at the government office in Hanoi.  The Prime Minister highly appreciates the presentation of Mr. Duc Khuong NGUYEN on AVSE’s organization and main activities, particularly the programs and projects in the collaboration with national ministries, for instance: training courses to improve the quality of workforces and projects to enhance the tax, import & export management, and the Research and Developing Project with Hochiminh city (open data, policies of economy and finance improvement, and undergraduate education investment). He expresses his strong support towards the activities of AVSE in gathering Vietnamese experts and scientists in France to form a network to exchange, support and contribute to the development of Vietnam in several fields.
The Prime Minister highly evaluates the desire of Vietnamese experts and scientists working in foreign universities in consulting and proposing solutions for tackling with existing problems in Vietnamese economy, organization and intellectual source. He confirms that the government always takes care and respects intellectual people. There will be active policies to attract and deploy them, as well as to create a convenient working environment to foster their capacities and their involvement in the development of Vietnam. In order to join in the global economy; Vietnam has to reorganize significantly the domestic economy, change the education system and improve the workforces by applying the trends of science and technology. Since these fields are the advantages of scientists and experts living abroad, the government will listen to their opinions and propositions towards the direction and management.

Download here: AVSEPressrelease-NXP-19082016 (1)