AVSE receives three project orders from Mr. Dinh La  Thang, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh city Party 

February 26,2017

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam​: Today, June 08, Mr. Dinh La Thang (Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh city Party) discusses with high­level AVSE delegation led by Prof. Nguyen Duc Khuong and its partners in Vietnam such as Vietnam National University­ Ho Chi Minh city (VNU­HCMC), John Von Neumann Institute(JVN), HIDS ­- Ho Chi Minh city Institute for Development Studies (HIDS).

The discussions focused on the solutions to increase the competitiveness of Ho Chi Minh city, named in the early 20th century as “​the Pearl of the Far East” or “Paris of the Orient”.

Mr. Thang made three project orders to AVSE:

  1. Building the Vietnam first Open Data platform for Ho Chi Minh city.
  2. Building qualified human resources education & training programs for Ho Chi Minh city.
  3. Building economic development strategies for Ho Chi Minh city as a special economic zone.

He also requested other related institutions to join forces in collaboration with AVSE to elaborate these projects.

Some selected articles on national newspapers:

  • Bí thư Đinh La Thăng mong trí thức Việt kiều góp sức xây dựng TP.HCM (TTXVN)
  • Bí thư Đinh La Thăng cầu người hiền tài biến TP.HCM thành “Hòn ngọc Viễn Đông” (Thanh Niên)
  • Bí thư Đinh La Thăng đặt hàng đề án phát triển TP.HCM (Tuổi Trẻ)
  • TP.HCM sẽ xây dựng hệ thống cơ sở dữ liệu mở. (VOH)

Download here: AVSE_Pressrelease_DLT_08062016