Press release: Support from Mr. Duc Dam VU, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam

February 23,2017

The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Duc Dam VU counts on AVSE in reinforcing network of scientists and experts, developing Global Vietnamese Leaders Forum and Vietnam Economic Review.

On 13​th June 2016, Mr. ​Duc Khuong NGUYEN ­President of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists, Experts (AVSE), Mr. ​Ngoc Anh VU­ CEO of AVSE and representative of the Committee for Oversea Vietnamese have an exchange with the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. ​Duc Dam VU​ at the government office in Hanoi.

During more than one hour working, several issues are discussed, focusing on reinforcing the capacity of Vietnamese scientists and experts via training oversea and in France, how to involve active participation of scientists and experts worldwide for the sake of Vietnam development, creating a database of scientist and experts, and forums for exchange (like Global Vietnamese Leaders Forum), then based on these results to develop projects with relevant Vietnamese institutions responding to the demand of Vietnam. It is necessary to take advantages of expertise from European countries in general, and France in particular in education, innovation and technology to assist Vietnam. For instance, contributions of experts in education are welcome, especially for developing syllabus in general education and open course in Vietnamese for higher education.

In addition, increasing competitiveness of Vietnam is much concerned. Recently Vietnam has made good orientation but there has been still limitation in the implementation. Therefore, it is vital to develop a monitoring mechanism, like Vietnam Economic Review every two years, with World Bank’s participation, to identify which have been well done and which have not, as well as in-­depth analysis and recommendation for improvement.

The Deputy Prime Minister advises AVSE on conducting focused activities which bring together top Vietnamese leaders both in Vietnam and overseas for a better Vietnam.

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